Hi, whoever reading this unknown blog site. I’m happy to share my IELTS result on here. I got… 7.5!

My IELTS Result

I’m really surprised that I got 9.0 in Reading! I thought I had screwed up everything, but it turned out much better than I expected!

However, my performance in the writing test was, well, certainly not the most exceptional. laughing The prompts were pretty weird. I mean, I never thought that they would ask the causes and consequences of the disappearance of family meals. :/ Seriously?

I kept my score secretive from most of my friends in VGU. Partly because my friends seem to exaggerate the importance of the IELTS score. That makes me uncomfortable. Not being cocky, but I don’t like my friends overly praising me. When I befriend with someone, I always want to stand next to them. Not somewhere over their heads, nor somewhere under their feet, but next to them. It’s so hard to make friends in this university. We don’t share any vision nor interests.

Let’s not spoil the happiness. This result meant to me a lot to me, making me more confident in my English (though it’s pretty shit). There are still rooms for improvement, and I have plenty of time to refine my lingustic skills though. I’m learning German, this will be my third language. One year from now, I may be a trilingual person. How cool is that! :p

I also made some plans to become an English tutor or teacher assistant, but I must pursue some other job more related to my field of study. I’ve submitted a proposal to CGAL and been interviewed by Mr. Dmitry Anisimov (he’s a cool guy, by the way). He said next week he would tell me if I was accepted to work on the project of shape detection of CGAL this summer. In the meantime, I can’t do anything other than waiting. Anyway, I will update soon!