Let’s see what I’ve got in 2017

  • Some important academic achievements that have redefined me. Dropping out of top 32 is depressing, knowing that 2 characters may have changed my life completely. I will be long tormented by this fault.
  • Going to university that is bloody expensive. Some lecturers just read everything on the screen. Some are very enthusiastic about their jobs.
  • I’ve met some kind friends.
  • Quit my role at Free Contest. I’d been thinking about this for so long and finally made a decision. Despite the reputation the work might bring to me, I just found that the working environment no longer fit me. What a pity. See you later.
  • Successfully ruined pima
  • I built a personal blog. This project was inspired by Khang. It goes quite well, in spite of no readers. I introduced it to a few friends who had no interests at all. Currently I have no intentions to find more readers. Writing for myself is fun enough.
  • Just got back to code in December!

2018 goals

  • Read more books on abstract algebra
  • Research about the history of Jewish and Judaism
  • Finish the books I planned to read in 2017 -___-
  • Joining in more coding contests
  • Be purple
  • Ruin pima #3